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It’s A Competitive World Out There!

We can help you with professional CV writing to enable you to progress your career.

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Who wants an attention-grabbing CV?

Grab Attention

10 seconds is the average time a CV gets to make an impact!

Increase Chance Of Interview

Only 2% of sent resumes result in an interview

Stand Out

Each online job opening receives 250+ CV’s on average, which increases to an average of 386 in the IT Industry!

Do You Need a Winning CV?

Many people say the CV is dying and the need for a professional Curriculum Vitae will lessen over time. This is simply not the case! With so many companies hiring across the UK and Europe, having the best CV you can has never been more important!

The look, content and format of your CV are all critical in grabbing the attention of a hiring manager but so many people have no idea where to start or put a CV together thinking “this will do” or, “it’s a conversation starter and they can ask me more in an interview if they like what they see”. These are the CVs which will not make it through the screening and will see you less likely to be offered an interview in the first place.

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How We Can Help You

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Grab Attention

Here at IT Recruitment Solutions,we know what hiring managers look for in a CV and how recruiters search keywords to find candidates. We can help you write or overhaul your currentdocument and grab the attention of the person reviewing it for the first time,as well as optimised so you will be found by recruiters online.

Get it Right

The first step to getting hired is impressing the hiring manager through your CV Formatting, content, and functionality of your cv are only some of the factors you must consider. You must get them right if you want to secure the position you are applying for. Thus, taking the extra time to prepare a winning CV will help you stand out to prospective clients. This is where we can help!

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The Modern Way

Our CV’s are designed in a clean, modern format around bespoke written content ad key work optimisation.

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So, if you are applying but not getting interviews, or have your CV online but rarely get a call, this is the perfect service for you!
Get in touch for a full review of your document and we guarantee you will walk away with a winning CV!
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